Search this site. Sample Questions. Study Plan. API Contact Us. The candidates must be employed by or under contract to an authorized inspection agency or. The candidates must have one of the following combinations of education and experience:. High school diploma or equivalent 3 years Design, construction, repair, operation, or inspection of pressure vessels, of which one year must be in supervision or performance of inspection activities.

None 5 or more years Design, construction, repair, operation, or inspection of pressure vessels, of which one year must be in supervision or performance of inspection activities. You can download application and related documents below given links. Subpages 2 : Sample Questions Study Plan. The candidates must have one of the following combinations of education and experience: Education. Minimum Experience Required. Supervision or performance of inspection activities as described in API Design, construction, repair, operation, or inspection of pressure vessels, of which one year must be in supervision or performance of inspection activities.The The The The welder is qualified base metals are strong enough weldment has the desired properties skill of the welder.

The WPS lists: A. The PQR must list: A. What is the earliest Edition of Section IX recognized by the current edition? Manufacturer Welder Authorised Inspector Foreman. A welder qualifying with a groove weld in plate in the 4G position is qualified to weld groove welds in plate and pipe over 24O. Flat only Flat and horizontal Flat and vertical None of the above.

asme section ix question bank

A welder qualifying by making a groove weld on pipe with an O. Pipe in the overhead position 6 O. Pipe in the vertical position O. In general, qualification on groove welds also qualifies a welder to make: A.

Stud welds Overhand welds Fillet welds Charpy V-notch tests are performed to determine a weldments A. Tensile strength Ductility Notch toughness All of above. A welder making a groove weld using the SAW process on P1 materials may be qualified using radiography.

True False. When using radiographs to qualify welder, the acceptance standards used are found in: A. Nonessential variables Supplementary essential variable when required for notch toughness All of the above.

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A PQR must describe: A. Inspector Manufacturer or contractor Welder All of the above. Supplemental powdered filler metal if used Filler metal diameter Preheat maintenance Addition or deletion of peening. Knowledge of welding requirements Ability to deposit sound weld metal Mechanical ability to operate equipment General attitude toward welding inspectors.

Yes No.

11 most important questions & answers from ASME B 31.3 which a Piping stress engineer must know

Without backing With all base metals With backing only With P1 backing only. Immediate retests of welders qualifications coupons: A. Must use the same method May use any method Are not allowed Require Inspector approval. A welder qualifying by welding P-No. Welding electrodes are grouped in Section IX by: A. Ferrous weld metal chemical composition may be designated using: A.

P number Welder I. Base metal thickness Peening P-number Electrode diameter. May a welder, qualified in the 2G position on inch thick plate, weld a 1 inch outside diameter pipe, inch thick in the horizontal position without re-qualification? Yes No Not enough information provided Yes, provided pipe is carbon steel, P 1. What is the difference between gas metal arc-welding and gas tungsten arc-welding processes? A welder has been tested in the 6-G position, using as E F-4 electrode, on 6 Sch 0.An ASME certification signifies that you or your company is committed to public safety and quality.

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Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. By rsx-s Date I have a question about welding machine calibration. Can someone tell me what the requirements are or where I can research this? Thanks in advance. By js55 Date Though not entirely. I've been required to hold the same standard and it was explained to me that its the lowest rounded number from half the voltage tolerance under AWS.

And now in your manuals. It has some logic to it, to be sure, but considering that so many other standards organizations recommend, require, or allow much more liberal tolerances there seems to be no real mechanical or metallurgical justification.

ASME Section IX Welding

Its just sounds good to em when they discuss it around the table. Thats my sarcasm for the day. By aevald Date Hello rsx-s, a while back there was a posting that had the title " Load Bank versus a Test Meter Calibration", you may want to search for this posting. In this thread I have a response which included an attachment that has information from Miller regarding meter calibration. This may have some information that can be helpful with your question. Regards, aevald. By Date Let me show my ignorance.

I don't recall a requirement in AWS D1. There is a requirement for calibration in D1. I could be wrong, but my response to the auditor would be, "show me where it states that requirement. Hello Al, I wouldn't disagree with you on your calibration statements regarding D1. I would like to know more about this topic and hopefully through the response that you have posted and those of others I will learn the answer.

I have had requirements to do machine calibration in my facility for the testing that I do under the state of Washington and their version of AWS code and certification referred to as WABO it is administered and regulated by the Washington Association of Building Officials.

They do require calibration yet they aren't very clear in their description and don't specify much other than to be able to trace calibration back to national standards, I feel it is very open to interpretation.

BPVC Section IX-Welding, Brazing, and Fusing Qualifications

In the event that a person requires an explanation or means for considering and doing calibration I included some information that Miller provided to me regarding machine calibration.

I posted this in a thread some time ago and gave the heading that it can be found under in my last post to this thread to hopefully provide a way to retrieve it.

Best Regards, Allan. By DaveBoyer Date With respect to amperage You should get a usable number, but the voltage at the machine COULD be pretty much higher than the actual voltage across the arc due to resistance.

I guess You have to comply to however it is written, weather it helps anything or not. Al is correct. There is no requirement for calibration in D1. There is no requirement for calibration in ASME except for a vague reference to 'measuring equipment' in NQA-1 that has been interpreted perhaps ligitimately-I don't know I've never sat in on Seciton III discussions as being applicable to power source gages.Powered by mwForum 2.

Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. By marktski Date Is this proper? By In Tension Date Another useless one-fits-all WPS. It's one of the many things I don't "like", if you get my drift.

Setting the Standard

By Kix Date When you say ALL for each entry, are you saying that they have All listed multiple times or All listed just once?

If they have All listed once, I'd say that if you were auditing them you could go over and see that the variables for the SAW passes are running in the same range as the FCAW pass.

Like, volts, amps, travel speed, etc etc then tell them they need to revise the WPS. Where they have a GTAW root, they use the same format. To me this is being too generic and lazy. Yes, but I'd say you can make them revise per what was mentioned above because it sounds like they have no variable of weld thickness limitation for the FCAW process.

That is an essential element of the WPS and to your point, you can't have anyone misinterpret that and go hog wild with the FCAW process because the SAW machine is broke down for a few hours if that were to ever happen. You know how those damn welders are. Then multiple WPS's can be build from this combination.

This is how I see it and welcome any corrections or advice. Is it a multiple-process PQR? I thought we were talking about the WPS.

asme section ix question bank

By marktski Date Edited Yes to multi process, so far every PQR I looked at is written that way. I have never done that and it seemed wrong, that's why I questioned it. I'm confused now also. By Date Edited I've been reading and biting my tongue since this thread was started.

The first post did not provide sufficient information to even understand the nature of the problem.This is 40 Hours 5 days course and available online all over the world.

asme section ix question bank

This course also is a perfect course for individuals who want to learn about pressure vessel inspection and testing. There is no powerpoint presentation with a voice-over in this course. I know most people do not like online courses or do not see as effective as a real classroom course; that is why I am using video training and editing videos to simulate the actual classes for my students.

Testimony. S - Netherland. I took this course, and I think this ASME Course is excellent, especially considering you learn not only the construction code but also you learn reference codes such as section II, section V and section IX. Contact I4I Academyor Call 1 Risk-Free Money-back Guarantee : You can return this training course up to 48 hours from the time of payment!

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asme section ix question bank

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Close this window and log in. Are you an Engineering professional? Join Eng-Tips Forums! Join Us! By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Students Click Here. Related Projects. Dear experts, I need some help with QW I have attached a sketch of my PQR joint detail and production joint detail.

The production weld is a double vee joint to be welded with a single pass EGW on side 1 and a single EGW pass on side 2. Please see attached sketch. Thank you. Without information on the applicable design codes, service conditions pressure, temperature or MDMT, etc. The design code is API but this should not be relevant, right?

My opinion is that the pqr will not be able to support the WPS because the maximum thickness qualified is 1.

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